DEVEX 2013 Technical Programmes

Thursday, 16th May 2013 Gordon A

08:30-08:50 Refreshments & Breakfast Rolls in Exhibition
Kindly Supported by Senergy
Technology Making A Difference
Chair: Nigel Neill, DANA Petroleum
09:30-09:55 Unlocking Resources in Fractured Reservoirs using Geomechanical Tools: An Example From the Hoton Field, Southern North Sea
09:55-10:20 The Bacchus Development: Dealing with Geological Uncertainty in a Small HPHT Development
10:20-10:45 Coffee Break
Kindly Supported by Senergy
10:45-11:10 The Jasmine Field: A Strategic Approach to Data Acquisition on a HPHT Condensate Field
11:10-11:35 Maximising Value from Vintage Data Using Smart Tools: Finding Faults in your Reservoir
11:35-12:00 Coffee Break
Kindly Supported by Senergy
11:50-13:20 Young Professional's Event (Gordon B)
Kindly Supported by Dana Petroleum
12:00-12:50 Attended Poster Session (Boyd Orr Exhibition Hall)
12:50-13:40 Lunch
Kindly Supported by Senergy
Underdeveloped Resources
Chair: Stephen Drake, Shell
13:40-14:05 A Modest Proposal for Successfully Achieving Significant European Shale Production
14:05-14:30 Understanding Shale Gas Plays Through the use of Inorganic Chemistry
14:30-14:55 Coffee Break
Kindly Supported by Senergy
14:55-15:20 A Practical Tool for Prediction of Cleanup Efficiency of Hydraulic Fractured Wells in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
15:20-15:45 Unlocking the Productivity of the Triassic of the Northern and Central North Sea: An Under-Developed Resource?
15:45-16:10 Coffee Break
Kindly Supported by Senergy
16:10-16:35 Understanding Reservoir Connectivity in Triassic Fluvial Sandstones
16:35-17:00 The Triassic Development in the South Cormorant Field, Block 2
17:15-22:30 Field Trip to Craigeven Bay, Stonehaven. Buses leave from AECC at 17:15 hrs, returning to Central Aberdeen and AECC late
Kindly Supported by CNR International