Technical Programme

Devex 2009 - Day 1 Room A

From 07.30 Registration and breakfast rolls in Exhibition hall
08:50 Chairman's introduction Henry Allen, Senergy
09:00 Keynote address Jim Mather, MSP, Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism
09:30 Fiona Fairhurst, Shell UK Limited
Further development of Skua, a mature Triassic HPHT Field in the Central North Sea
09:55 Refreshment break in exhibition hall
10:20 Dr. Gary Hampson, Imperial College, London
Outcrop characterisation of transgressive sandstone reservoirs: quantiaive comparison of outcrop analogues
10.45 Adil Ceyhan, Schlumberger
Reservoir Evaluation and Production Forecasting While Drilling
11:10 Refreshment break in exhibition hall
11:35 Soaziq Leveque, Schlumberger
In pursuit of ultimate recovery – precise horizontal well placement for thin oil rim development in Draugen, Norway
12.00 Tim Wynn, AGR-TRACS
Simplified in-situ stress properties in fractured reservoir models
12:25 Lunch in exhibition hall
13:40 LieHui Zhang, Southwest petroleum university PR China
A study on factors affecting productivity of high pressure tight gas reservoirs–case study of Jia-2 Gas Reservoir in Moxi, Sichuan Province
14:05 Elaine Campbell, Chevron Upstream Europe
The Alba Field: improved reservoir characterisation using 4D seismic data
14:30 Refreshment break in exhibition hall
14:55 Professor Andrew Hurst, Aberdeen University
Prediction of reservoir characteristics from drilling and hydrocarbon-gas data using advanced computational mathematics
15:20 Erick Alvarez, Senergy Limited
Reservoir seismic characterisation of thin sands in West Siberia
15:45 Refreshment break in exhibition hall
16:10 Andy Alexander, Venture Production plc
Better Seismic Imaging = Healthier Trees: The Birch Field, 15 years on
16:35 Suzanne Coogan, Shell
From acquisition to opportunity identification – 4D In 6 months! The Bittern Field.
17:00-18:00 Icebreaker reception in exhibition hall