The Gert de Jonge Award

2020 Winner – Philip Whiteley, BP

Congratulations to our DEVEX 2020 Best Paper Winner, Philip Whiteley from BP. Philip presented his fascinating paper ‘Capercaillie: out of the shadows and a chance to shine’ at this virtual conference.

“I am delighted to have been awarded the Gert de Jong award for my paper on the Capercaillie Field at DEVEX 2020. Capercaillie is a field which has been worked by a number of people, contractors and disciplines over the last few years and it is a classic example of how cross-disciplinary integration and modern data can come together to improve the overall understanding of the subsurface. I felt that the story was one worth telling and one which can hopefully act as the impetus for other companies to take a fresh look at older datasets.”


Leon Barens, Team Leader at Total, was the recipient of the 2019 Gert de Jonge Award for Best Paper. Leon presented ‘Overburden evolution and understanding after 17 years of HPHT production in the Elgin Franklin field’.

DEVEX is valuable for delegates because it is for the Operator, and by the Operator. DEVEX 2019 was a good moment to share our thoughts with Operators and contractors, who need to work together to advance further.”


Pictured here L-R are Brenda Wyllie, 2018 DEVEX Conference Chair; Ruza Cicmil, Petrophysicist, Nexen (recipient of 2018 Gert de Jonge Award) and Wiens van Zeil, Chevron, sponsors of the Gert de Jonge Award 2018.

—Petrophysicist, Ruza Cicmil, was the recipient of the 2018 Gert de Jonge Award for Best Paper, sponsored by Chevron. Ruza addressed delegates with her paper on Permeability Modelling in the Scott Field. Discussing the problem, solution and results, Ruza showed how using the core data to understand main controls on permeability helped to derive a more reliable methodology tailored to honour local geology.

Ruza was delighted to hear that she was the winner of the Gert de Jonge award for 2018 and was honoured to accept the Prize:

“I am tremendously pleased and surprised to have been awarded the Gert de Jonge award for best paper at DEVEX 2018. My presentation is just one of many examples of how an analytical methodology and the integration of all available data can lead to a solution for a complex and longstanding problem. There is a great abundance of data in the North Sea basin, which is all part of a big puzzle. It is only by using all the pieces and having a methodical approach that we can push the boundaries and uncover new opportunities.

“I am truly grateful for this honour and recognition, which will further inspire me to share more of my work and engage with the Oil and Gas community. I would also like to thank the organisers for putting together such a great event.”

2017 Winner, sponsored by Chevron – Cliff Lovelock, Shell

2017 Winner, sponsored by Chevron – Cliff Lovelock, Shell

Cliff Lovelock won the 2017 Gert de Jonge Award for his paper “Gannet Recovery – a North Sea Success Story.

2016 Winner - Matt Gibson, Premier Oil, sponsored by Chevron

2016 Winner - Matt Gibson, Premier Oil, sponsored by Chevron

Commenting on the win, Matt said “I am hugely pleased and surprised to have been awarded the Gert de Jong award for best paper at DEVEX 2016. The award is testament to the evolving technical excellence of the Catcher development team I have worked as part of from concept select, through project sanction, to the ongoing execution of successful development drilling. As the modern oil industry evolves, it makes sense that companies should share their experiences, good and bad, to maximise the potential of the UKCS in years to come. DEVEX will continue to be an important conference for promoting the spirit of cooperation and overcoming the ever mounting challenges faced operating in the North Sea.”

Gert, who was Chairman of DEVEX 2005, sadly passed away in 2010. To mark his untimely death and to recognise his contribution to DEVEX the best presentation award is titled ‘The Gert de Jonge Award’

Paul Adair, Chair of DEVEX 2011, said:

“It was with great sadness that the DEVEX committee learned of the untimely passing of our great friend and colleague. Gert was DEVEX Chairman in 2005 and was the SPE’s first representative to lead the event. He was instrumental in putting DEVEX on a professional footing having drafted the first agreement between the Societies who jointly manage the event.

Gert’s drive and determination in the early years of DEVEX have made the conference what it is today and the foundations he laid live with us. In honour of Gert the committee decided that the award for the conference’s best paper in 2012 should be named after him as we remember, with great fondness, the enthusiasm and energy he brought to DEVEX.”

2015 Prize Winners

2015 Prize Winners

Jeff Towart, Apache, Best talk: ‘Forties Hits Forty and Still Going Strong’
Matteo Ravasi, University of Edinburgh, Best Academic: ‘Imaging Subsurface Targets without the Overburden’
Ken Black, APEC, Best Poster: ‘Kumatage – Untapped Potential in the Rotlegend Feather-Edge Play’


The DEVEX 2014 Prize Winners are:

Best Presentation
Back to Basics: Integration of Data and Conceptual Modeling Underpins Successful Re-development of a Compositional Brownfield’ – Akinyemi Akinkunmi, Nexen CNOOC UK Ltd

Best Academic Presentation
JARR: Helping to Identify “Sweet Spots” in UK Shale Gas Basins’ – Jonathan Imber, Durham University

Best Poster
Modelling Approaches on the Mungo Field: From Regional Geology to Well Planning – Philip Whiteley, BP Aberdeen

Pictured left to right: Peter Fowler – Chevron, Malcolm Pye – DECC, Peter Brand – TAQA and DEVEX 2014 Chair, Andrew Legge – Nexen CNOOC UK Ltd, Colin Oswald – Total, Jonathan Imber – Durham University, Richard Arnold – Baker Hughes, Richard Fox – Dana Petroleum, Philip Whiteley – BP.


The DEVEX 2013 best presentations and posters were:

Best Technical Presentation
Why Can’t I Get My Reserves Right? Mark Hayes, RPS Group

Best Academic Presentation
The use of Spectral Gamma Ray to Enhance Lithological and Palaeoenvironmental Resolution within the Skagerrak Formation, Central North Sea
Matt Hutchison, University of Aberdeen.

Best Poster
The Jasmine Field: Ocean Bottom Node Seismic Acquisition over the Jasmine Field, UK Central North Sea Simon Shaw, ConocoPhillips UK


The DEVEX 2012 best presentations and posters were:-

Best Presentation
Low Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery: Laboratory to Day One Field Implementation – LoSal EOR into the Clair Ridge Project. Enis Robbana, BP

Best Academic Presentation
Will We Ever Be Able to Predict the Geometry and Connectivity of Fluvial Deposits in the Subsurface? Prof Adrian Hartley, Aberdeen University

Best Poster – Joint Winners
An Alternative Approach for Reducing Gas Hydrate Risks in Gas Storage and Production Alireza Kazemi, Heriot Watt University
Upgrading and Building Offshore Drilling Rigs to accommodate Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) systems. Jon Goodenough, Weatherford

Highly Commended Presentation
Van Ghent Tri-lateral Oil and Gas Development: An Innovative Field Development Solution. Suzanne Castelein, Dana Petroleum Netherlands

Highly Commended Academic Presentation
Multiple Interpretations of a Seismic Image: Quantifying the Factors that Affect Interpretational Ability. Euan Macrae, Strathclyde University


Three awards were made: Best Paper, Best Academic Paper and Best Poster.

Rob Ings of Maersk won the Gert De Jonge Best Paper award and a prize of £250 for his presentation entitled “Stranded but not forgotten – Lochranza, a Dumbarton satellite”. This was a paper that detailed the successful development of a fallow field that lay dormant for more than 20 years. It was a impressive example of the integrated application of modern technology along with a clear understanding of the geological complexities of the reservoir.

For the first time a special award was made for the Best Academic presentation. Adam MacArthur of Aberdeen University won the award and a prize of £500 with his presentation entitled: “Late Jurassic slumping in the “J Block” region of the UKCS Central Graben: temporal and spatial relationship to Freshney Sandstone turbidite reservoirs”. A presentation of a sedimentolgical and palynological study that aims to determine the relationship between Mass Transport Complexes and potential reservoirs of UKCS Quad 30.

The Best Poster award and a prize of £250 went to Elodie Saillet and Euan Macrae of The University of Strathclyde for their poster entitled: “The spatial organisation of deformation in high porosity sandstones: structural barriers to CO2 storage