Devex 2019 Chairperson's Report

50 years ago, the Arbroath Field was discovered. This led to the theme of Devex 2019: Legacy & Sustainability: 50+ Years of UKCS History & Lessons for the Future. The legacy piece speaks to the great fields of the past, and how we are now optimally managing them, either with the big companies using new technology or practices, or new owners that have found a niche to get the most out of these older assets.

As DEVEX 2019 Chairperson, it was very encouraging to see such great engagement from sponsors, as well as an excellent turnout at the conference. The conference included an excellent technical programme and informative masterclasses. We were also able to bring back our popular core display which is always a highlight of the conference. This year’s core was Tweedsmuir South discovery well (21/01a-20) as well as a section from the Buchan Field, kindly made available by Repsol Sinopec Resources UK.

The DEVEX 2019 programme also featured a sold-out Field Trip hosted by Simon Gould, where attendees visited the Old Red Sandstone and Highland Border Complex at Crawton and Glen Esk respectively. We couldn’t speak about DEVEX 2019 without mentioning the great session organized by our young professionals. ‘Oil & Gas: Innovative, Leaner, Smarter – The Road Ahead’ featured presentations aimed specifically at young professionals and the future of the energy industry.

On behalf of the DEVEX Committee, I would like to sincerely thank our conference partners who contributed so much to making the conference what it is, as well as our sponsors who covered many important elements of the conference. I’d like to thank all our speakers and poster session contributors for taking the time to submit their abstract, as well as all our Session Chairs and Co-Chairs who kept things moving seamlessly.

I’d personally like to thank the 2019 committee who worked so hard to put together a fantastic programme which gives value to our delegates.
We now move on to the 2020 conference, and plans are already underway for what is sure to be another fantastic conference under the wings of Ed Downer and the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society.

Henk Kombrink, DEVEX 2019 Chairperson