Devex 2017 Chairperson's Report

In its 14th year, DEVEX was yet again a highlight in the Conference calendar attracting interest and support from Operators, Service Companies, Academic and the Regulator.

The conference again provided an ideal opportunity to share subsurface technical knowledge and experiences, which is pivotal as our industry begins to move forward after the shocks of the past two years. There have been many key phrases used at conferences and training events over that time, but the ability to learn from our experience, and push forward in a positive manner is absolutely vital to the recovery, and future growth, of the industry.

Last year’s theme “delivering positive change to maximise value” sought papers on the ability to innovate, not just with new technology, but with new ways of using that technology and essentially maximising the value of what is already in existence. This year’s conference took that one step further and looked at how companies not only build themselves back up using this mentality, but how they build a stronger, more resilient business for the future.

DEVEX 2017 saw cutting edge technical presentations and expert masterclasses, along with BP’s Clair Core. We yet again held a successful Young Professionals event and new to 2017, we held a Collaboration Lunch led by expert trainer Norton Bertram Smith. This lunch involved our 8 Operator partners and provided an excellent training and networking opportunity. Following the close of the conference, Dr Doug Boyd of Integrated Sedimentology, led the field trip to Devonian Old Red Sandstone (ORS) exposures near Arbroath.
We were proud that, for the second year running, we managed to offer 300 places free of charge, thanks to the generous support received from our partners. The support we received from these partners, combined with the expertise of our organising committee made up of industry professionals, ensured that DEVEX 2017 was a successful conference run by the industry, for the industry.

Richard Arnold, DEVEX 2017 Chairperson