Devex 2014 Posters

Posters at DEVEX 2014

P1 Frequency Dependent Electrical Responses of Rock Types from Ewekoro, Eastern Dahomey Basin.

Olawale Olatinsu, University of Lagos

P2 Oil Based Mud Fingerprinting Technique Reveals Formation Fluid Signature in ‘Real Time’ Using Mass Spectrometry at the Wellsite

Mariël Reitsma, HRH Geology

P3 Adding Value with ‘Design of Experiments’ Theory

Claire Imrie, Senergy

P5 Illustrations of Medium Severity Mishaps Caused by Inadequate Log Quality Control.

Ton Loermans, Consultant

P7 From Hazards to Resources: Re-characterising Shallow Glacigenic Reservoirs in the Central and Northern North Sea

Jonathan Basell, GPSRG, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen

P9 Research on Equipment and Technology for Closed Underbalance Drilling in China

Xinyu Xiao and Xianming Liu, Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute

P10 Enhanced Ball Seat Systems with High-Impact Telescoping Ports to Optimise Flow Area with Direct Placement of Hydraulic Fracturing or Acid Stimulation Treatments

Sean Gaudette, Baker Hughes

P11 Facies Mapping and Reservoir Distribution Implications on a Central N Sea Diapir Field

Hannah Beattie, ETAP Reservoir Management Team, BP plc

P12 Modelling Approaches on the Mungo Field: From Regional Geology to Well Planning

Philip Whiteley, BP

P13 Simultaneous and Rapid Asphaltene and TAN Determination for Heavy Petroleum Using an H-cell

Oluwarotimi O Alabi, Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology, University of Aberdeen

P14 Troubleshooting and Remediation Strategy for Problematic Water Treatment Systems

Kiko Sanchez, CETCO Energy Services