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DEVEX 2012

Devex 2012 followed the tried and trusted formula of previous Devexes, two days of presentations, an exhibition and posters topped off with an evening fieldtrip. Wednesday’s keynote speaker was Dave Lynch from BP who introduced the topic of EOR which was then expanded upon by later speakers. Thursday’s keynote was Marcus Richards of Dana which is now owned by the Korean National Oil Company and he explained the future role of national oil companies.

Amongst the presentations it was the field case studies that attracted the biggest audiences with Shell outlining their plans for Fram and E.On Ruhrgas, their development drilling on Huntington. TAQA, now an established North Sea operator, reviewed their infill drilling on Tern as well as the fast-track, subsea tie-back of Falcon. The highlight of the EOR session were two speakers from BP, Chris Reddick and Ennis Robbana who gave the background, laboratory tests and then project deployment of the low salinity waterflood planned for Clair Ridge.

There were a diverse range of topics in the attended poster session from managed pressure drilling, hydrates and LWD evaluations. The exhibition was busy with good representation from the mineral identification companies.

The pre-conference core workshop told a North-South story with displays from Schiehallion’s turbidites, the shoreface sediments of Fulmar and the tight-matrix, fractured gas sands of Hoton in the Southern Basin. More than thirty delegates were treated to a guided tour from the experts at Shell and BP whose irrepressible energy and enthusiasm was both entertaining and educational. Core viewings are always interesting to both first-timers and seasoned geologists alike and this event was no exception. The variety of the core, the differences between the displays and the stories they told will have offered something for everyone who came along.

A pre-conference wellbore surveying workshop was held at the AECC.  Attendees included geologists, drilling engineers, data management specialists, gyro surveyors and well placement engineers.  There was enthusiastic participation throughout the workshop where the principle of wellbore surveying and the impact of surveying uncertainty on reservoir estimates, well placement and well avoidance was discussed. Comments on the day included “I enjoyed the course and picked up some very useful information” “very interactive and informative” “excellent course thank you”.

The Young Professionals hosted a lunchtime workshop which saw a fascinating talk from Alan Brodie, founder of Helix Well Technologies. He gave an inspiring talk based on ‘Mindstore’ motivational mental techniques, encouraging his audience to think big and push the boundaries of what they think is possible. This was followed by Chris Cornelius, serial entrepreneur and innovator who ran through his career history, showing the YPs what is possible if you put your mind to it, and highlighting the key challenges to adopting this approach. The session was aided by voting technology so that the whole audience had a chance to participate, and a lively discussion ensued.

This year’s DEVEX final event was the field trip to the Crawton Lava flows exposed on the cliffs, south of Stonehaven. A party of 18 hardy souls set off from the AECC on Thursday evening and headed south through the Aberdeen rush hour. Conditions at Crawton were not good and while the wind and rain lashed down, a truncated tour was made of the four massive lava flows which are interbedded with Old Red Sandstone conglomerates. The impressive exposures of the lava flows in the sea cliffs will be well worth another visit – but hopefully on a drier/calmer day!

As the rock surfaces were often slippery, safety first was the motto of the evening and so, the only sensible thing to do was to retire to the pub – well after all, it was a field trip! A warm (and dry) welcome at the Marine Hotel on Stonehaven Quay was well received by all and a pleasant meal rounded off the event.

Thanks go to Pete Hill (ConocoPhillips) for leading the field trip and to the coach driver, for keeping the heaters on!!

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