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Devex 2012 Demonstrates New Technology in Oil and Gas Industry

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Innovative Skills Boost for Young Professionals

After spending several years in education and often high education, many young people start their career with the necessary technical and academic knowledge needed to progress but no real general business skills or experience.

Next month will see four young professional committees from the oil and gas industry come together to host a valuable workshop, aimed at helping young people to progress in their careers.

Organised by Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society and the Aberdeen sections of the Energy Institute, the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the society of Petroleum Engineers, the workshop will be set in the context of the oil and gas industry and take place at DEVEX2012 - a conference and exhibition discussing oilfield development and production.

Developing innovative solutions to problems, and an entrepreneurial pursuit of opportunities despite a potential lack of resources, are two qualities that will dominate many success stories in the oil and gas industry in the future. Innovative thinking is essential to develop solutions to a number of key industry issues and problems, and take risks to ensure the industry continues to progress.

The workshop is relevant for both oil and gas and business management fuctions, however is open to any young professional. It will focus on not only solving the challenging problems in the energy sector but also more generically on how young professionals can get noticed in their own careers.

The workshop will be based around a discussion with two experienced speakers on challenging popular perceptions in career development, plus an interactive keypad vote. The panellists will share their own experiences - for young professionals, a key part of personal development is building on lessons learned from others.

Speakers will include Dr Chris Cornelius of DESC Resources Corp, who left the comfort of 'big oil' and for the past seven years has been involved in setting up technically challenging resource based start-ups.

Alan Brodie, CEO at Air2Work and previously a founder of Helix RDS, will also be talking at the event on several decisions throughout his career which involved switching from his comfort zone and taking risks to see both business results and career progression.