Devex 2011 - Core Workshops

The Core Workshops offered two opportunities to view well bore cores from three different areas of the North Sea (Northern, Mid North Sea and West of Shetland). Specialists guided visitors through the specific features of the selected samples. A great chance to get close to some reservoir rock.

Young Professionals Event

Technical Skills alone are not sufficient. A technical person without leadership skills cannot play an important role in the decision making process in the team and the organisation. When one thinks of leadership in an organisation, it's easy to think of the management team or anyone who has "Lead" or "Leader" in their title or job description. In the oil and gas industry, the leaders are often senior executives, engineering managers, and project managers, serving as project leaders representing their technical disciplines. By nature technical professionals often resist significant management or leadership responsibility and prefer to be focused on technical work.

Workshop Objective

This event was not a traditional leadership workshop, rather it was intended to inspire and educate Young Professionals, mainly from technical backgrounds, on how the core attitudes of leadership apply in their day-to-day work and also how adopting these attributes will help them excel in their work and careers. The workshop involved solving challenging case studies designed by leaders in the oil and gas industry and was a great opportunity for young professionals to learn first-hand from the experiences of the panel of leaders below.

  • Leigh Ann Russell North Sea Completions Engineer Manager, BP.
  • Tom Pickering Managing Director, Geometric Drilling.
  • Dr. Steve Garrett Manager, Chevron Global Technology Centre, (PESGB President).

The workshop covered the following:

  • Defining leadership in broad terms
  • What it means for YPs in their job
  • Challenging current perceptions of leadership

The case studies tested the young professionals who worked in teams and discussed how they would deal with challenging situations presented in the case studies. The panellists oversaw these discussions, provided some realistic solutions to the case studies and gave their insights on some of the solutions proposed by young professionals in the session. These discussions helped young professionals grasp key attitudes of leadership they should incorporate to enhance their career development.